Lesléa Newman ~ writer ~

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Still Life With Buddy

"One of the most unrelentingly honest excursions into this modern tragedy....Newman is masterful at her craft....you will never forget her lost friend or her anguish."

Chiron Review

"...a virtuoso performance of haiku, sonnets, odes, koans, epistles, epigraphs, list-poems, a pantoum, and more types of lyric poems than I recognized."

Art & Understanding: The International Magazine of Literature and Art About AIDS

"This incredibly unique book should be read by everyone. It is a book for all libraries, especially school and public libraries. It should be required reading for all high school teens who find themselves invincible and think they will never die."

AIDS Book Review Journal, University of Illinois at Chicago

"Still Life with Buddy is a beautiful and loving story of friendship, one that I will never forget, nor I suspect will you."

Bay Area Reporter

"One of the most extraordinary short works you will ever read. Newman manages to capture almost every emotion imaginable and through poems of varying lengths, she evokes laughter and amusement as often as a deep, still sadness and grief."

Bay Windows