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Excerpts - The Little Butch Book

The Passionate Femme to her Butch

Come live with me and be my Butch
And you will all my pleasures touch
From breast to hip to inner thigh
To parts within that make me sigh.

And we will sit upon the sands
Seeing girls work on their tans,
By oceans deep whose very waters
Bathe the limbs of Sappho's daugthers.

And I will buy thee leather chaps
And a thousand baseball caps,
A bomber jacket soft and brown
For you to wear all over town;

A tie made of the finest silk
(Please don't dip it in your milk);
Steel-toed boots to help you strut,
B.V.D.'s to warm your butt;

Flannel shirts of blue and green,
Suits made out of gabardine;
And if these pleasures may thee touch
Come live with me and be my Butch.

All the girls shall dance and sing
To see how gay we are in Spring;
If these delights thy mind may touch,
Then live with me and be my Butch.

© 1998 Lesléa Newman


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