Lesléa Newman ~ writer ~

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Girls will be Girls

"When Newman is at her delicately nuanced best, she is very good indeed. In this collection of 12 stories and a novella, as she captures the humor and pain inherent in the human condition, she is sharply observant of the telling gesture or other detail that informs us of a life."


"A new short story collection from the author of Heather Has Two Mommies proves Lesléa Newman is back in her element... The depth of Newman's characters makes every story in this collection a brief trip into a full universe. It seems as if the characters will keep going to school, kissing their girlfriends and fighting with their parents even after the last page has been turned."

Chicago Free Press

"The novella that serves as the title story of this collection allows (Newman) to explore her central concerns in greater depth..."Girls Will Be Girls" is a study in feminine frustration: The voluptuous femme Didi, a dental hygienist/part-time artist is married to the ever-staid Gwen, a jock with a thriving therapy practice. Gwen's newest client is Nicki, a close- cropped Casanova who can't commit to one partner. An unlikely love triangle emerges in the course of the story... this novella is an old-fashioned page-turner--with a refreshingly unpredictable ending to boot."

The Valley Advocate