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Pillow Talk II

Table of Contents:

  • "She Makes Me Wanna" by Aya
  • "Rebellious Streak" by Elizabeth Bachman
  • "Tyger! Tyger!" by J.L. Belrose
  • "Flashing, honey?"by Maureen Brady
  • "Anything for Her" by Erin Brennan
  • "Working Out" by Bridget Bufford
  • "The Sick Girl" by Teresa Cooper
  • "A Butch, A Femme and A T-Bird" by Bree Coven
  • "Eye of the Hurricane" by tatiana de la tierra
  • "Uncommon Janitors in Lust" by Lisa Gonzales
  • "An Anatomy Lesson for Mary Margaret" by Margaret Granite
  • "Burning Zozobra" by Renee Hawkins
  • "The Alley Below" by Karleen Pendleton Jimenez
  • "Somebody Famous" by Lauren Johnson
  • "Diesel Donuts" by Ilsa Jule
  • "subway ride 4 play" by Rosalind Christine Lloyd
  • "That's What Friends Are For" by Nilaja Montgomery-Akula
  • "All the Modern Conveniences" by G.L. Morrison
  • "A Femme in the Hand" by Lesléa Newman
  • "Every Lesbian's Fantasy" by Debra Olson
  • "Desert Ride Songs" by Gina Ranalli
  • "That Summer" by Robin St. John
  • "Bridal Party" by Anne Seale
  • "Infinity" by Gail Shepherd
  • "Animal Science" by Clara Thaler
  • "Pas de Deux" by Leslie Kimiko Ward


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