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Excerpts - Pillow Talk

Table of Contents:

  • "A Friend of a Friend of Dorothy's" by Roberta Almerez
  • "Family" by Katya Andreevna
  • "Play Ball!" by atara
  • "Daffodils" by Sally Bellerose
  • "Good Girls" by Louise A. Blum
  • "Women's Rites" by Rhomylly B. Forbes
  • "Le Main" by Julie Anne Gibeau
  • "The Carousel" by Mary Diane Hausman
  • "Petal Sweat" by Susan Kan
  • "Fantasy Vacation" by Sara King
  • "Down at Shug's" by Catherine Lundoff
  • "Come Friday" by Judith MacLean
  • "Shadowboxer" by Mary Marin
  • "Crushed" by Janet Mason
  • "Kolu, Revisited" by Cat McDonald
  • "The Doctor's Wife" by Nilaja A. Montgomery-Akalu
  • "Showtime" by Lesléa Newman
  • "Disco Nights" by Mariana Romo-Carmona
  • "Shine" by Stephanie Rosenbaum
  • "ISO Grafenberg" by Elisa Ross
  • "Chapter 18" by Anne Seale
  • "Visit to the Seamstress" by Jess Wells
  • "Suit of Leather" by Barbara Wilson


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