Lesléa Newman ~ writer ~

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Signs of Love

"From humorous comments on our lesbian communities to lovely and luscious erotica, Newman celebrates, honors and explores her lesbian life and ours...Lesléa Newman is a lesbian poet who speaks to our hearts and minds with a profoundly original voice."

Bay Area Reporter

"If you've ever been left by a lover or left one, if you've ever been plagued by feeling fat or skinny, or by the absurdities of your job, met yourself, hated yourself or fallen in love with yourself, Lesléa Newman's poetry is for you."

Small Press Magazine

"Newman is particularly talented at describing the complicated situation of the lesbian in the close-knit Jewish family. She is equally skilled at depicting the dulling day jobs many women find themselves in. There are fine love poems too, many humorous and pithy."

The Lesbian Review of Books